Association of jazz musicians & artists -Macedonia

Who are we?

Association of jazz musicians and free artists is an organization founded in order to unite the jazz fans from Macedonia, including jazz musicians, students and professors from jazz academies, freelancers but also the supporters of this form of art.

What are the purposes and the activities of our Association?

The main purpose that unites the activities of our association is to contribute to affirmation of Macedonian jazz music through promotion of production and performance of authorial jazz music created and performed by Macedonian jazz composers and musicians, hence to increase their media presence and presentation at local festivals and abroad.

The association’s activities include education of young talents and music enthusiasts through organized workshops all through the year, held by the members of the Association who are professors at the Faculties of music in Skopje and Stip.   Of course, the possibility of inviting educators from abroad who will share their knowledge is not excluded.

Furthermore, the association of Jazz musicians and free artists organizes various thematic jazz events and thanks to its urban dimension, it brings the jazz culture closer to the audience, being of particular importance for both, the Macedonian jazz music and culture.  Inviting eminent jazz musicians from abroad additionally makes our goal broader.

Within the association operates and Big Band which is consisted of members of the Association, but we often cooperate with musicians from abroad.  The program of our Big Band includes compositions created by Macedonian jazz composers of the younger generations, as well as works made by the great giants and founders of the Macedonian jazz music, also appreciating the jazz standards.

What about our further plans?

Further activities of our Association include involvement of the association in existing Balkan and European networks in order to establish a real exchange of Macedonian music product beyond our borders. Also, it is expected the jazz focus of the association to be supported and expanded by the activities of all other interested artists and to allow using this platform for their wider representation.