The group is considering a particular area of the art of music where the ideas are result of the modern urban living, but under strong influence of the traditional music treasure.
The usage of folk rhythms, melodies and motives as a background, instead of copping and rearranging them, makes the whole music unique.This allows more freedom in expression and permits influences of many other music forms as well as their mix, at the same time preserving the strong Macedonian character.

Instruments from relatively modern origin (trombone, saxophone, trumpet, bass guitar, percussion and synthesizer/ piano) give the music a specific, unique spirit.

The group has issued five albums:

“Seth Makes Sense” (1993);
“Within Yourself” (1996);
“Sethstat” (2000);
“Rolling Garage” (2004);
“Korab” (2011).

Sethstat have had remarkable performances in almost all Macedonian clubs and concert halls and abroad: Budapest, Belgrade, Zagreb, Sarajevo, Novi Sad etc.

They have established collaboration with many respectable organizations like Skopje Jazz Festival, Bagi Records, Radio Jazz FM, 20th Century Music Festival – Synthesis, European Youth Music Festival, Belgrade Summer, Zagreb Jazz Festival, Sarajevo Jazz Festival etc.

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